The Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag

I missed doing a book tag and I recently found this fun GOT book tag on The Orangutan Librarian‘s blog. Feel free to do it too!




Crime and Punishment. I mean, I tried reading it and I started it pretty ambitious but it was an impossible battle for me. It’s just not my type and probably I won’t try reading any Dostoyevsky any time soon. I might give Demons a shot tho’ but I’m not really sure about that.




I personally love the relationship between Scarlett and Tella from the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber. I’ve read many books with strong family ties but this one must be one of my favorites or one that stuck with me for the longest. I love them both as characters but also the series is a must-read!




During winter I  usually love reading holiday love stories and my favorite one so far is Let it Snow by John Green, it’s an anthology of three love stories that’s super adorable and they actually connect which was a factor that actually made me love it this much.




Fight Club 2. I had some high expectations, I’m pretty sure lots of people love Fight Club and knowing there’s a sequel to the story and that it’s a comic book too it just makes you more excited. Joke’s on me because it was awful lol. It started promising but as you get more into it it gets worse and super weird so stay away from it.




Whenever I think of the word “emotions” the only books that come into my mind are We Were Liars by E. Lockhart and All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It’s difficult to pick just one.




One of the books I will always feel indebted to will be Wizard of Oz as I believe this was one of the first fictional books that made me fall in love with literature and it’s forever one of my favorite children books that I will surely read my kids in the future.




For real now I think I’d die cause I’d move too slow, I wish I could be as cool as Arya or Brienne.


I took this quiz and apparently I belong to the Lannisters:

Hey, guess what? You’re rich! Congratulations. You can buy all the wine and pleasant company you want, which is very useful as the life of a Lannister isn’t exactly stress-free. You are ambitious, good at politics, and generally loyal to family members, at least in public. But you’re also under a lot of pressure, so when things go wrong, they can go VERY wrong, very quickly. Maybe consider investing in a privy door with a lock?


This was a super fun book tag, I’m looking forward to doing many more.






30 Days Book Challenge: DAY 30!!!!

Ok so this is the final post and frankly, I’m gonna miss doing this. I had a lot of fun and it made me think of so many things that I could write, I consider it really helpful. I know I messed up a little in the days when I was too busy (I swear I was super busy!) and I missed writing on that day but it’s alright, I resumed it. Thank you for understanding, lol.

So here is the final challenge:

Your favorite book of all time

I don’t even know what I should pick. Of course the first thing I thought of was 1984 by George Orwell but I would like to avoid writing about the same books twice in a challenge so I think I’m gonna go with another one of my favorites, TRAINSPOTTING!!!
I’m a huge fan of Trainspotting and I could rewatch the movies constantly. The second one was the perfect addition and I was crazy obsessed with it.

The book was awesome too. It deserves all the fame and even though I only read it after I watched the first movie, I think of all of them being equally amazing.


30 Days Book Challenge: Day 19

I can’t believe I only have 11 more to go.

Favorite book turned into a movie

One of my favorite books, Ready Player One, is coming out as a movie next year and i’m really excited for it. The trailer looks good, even though I don’t trust the movie trailers that much. I just hope it’s gonna be as awesome as the book.

🎈You’ll float too🎈

Alright I guess I don’t need any special introduction for this after you’ve read the title since it’s been everywhere and suddenly everyone wants It. I’m looking at you, weird psychotic clown lovers.

Rating: 5/5.

If you’re in the mood for a long good read, try It. Hehe. No, seriously, I’ve read a long Stephen King book before (like 800 pages) and it was really good (11/22/63). This time, I really wanted to skip the movie and read the book before I actually watch it tho I was pretty scared to watch it so I wait for it to come on DVD.

Stephen King’s It is over 1000 pages long and every page is awesome. I recommended it to every friend I talked to about it.

I find horror a difficult genre. If I would have to write a horror book I don’t know if I could do it. It’s hard to write something to actually creep out the reader but I can vote this one as the first book that gave me the creeps. I was literally mouthing “man that’s creepy” when reading a few scenes so get ready for some crazy stuff. I question King’s sanity.

BUT THE KIDS MAN! THOSE KIDS ARE THE COOLEST KIDS IN LITERATURE. I loved them as a group and individually too but when they were together they just made me think of the gang in Stranger Things. I’m glad Finn Wolfhard actually plays in both of them. He fits perfectly.

I loved the turtle idea that protects them and I loved their ambition to get rid of Pennywise once and for all.

I really hope the movie is good because the one from the ’90s was extremely lame and I don’t wanna think about it again.

Anyways, if you think about reading it, I can only say YYYEEESSSSS. 100% recommended.

Jane Eyre… but gothic.

As a classic cinematography lover, I’ve watched the movie The Birds (and read the book), of course. It’s a combo when Alfred Hitcock is the director and the author of the novel is Daphne du Maurier. Same goes for Rebecca. 

Rating: 4/5.

Besides the fact that I’ve had the book in my kindle for a while now I’ve also heard the song “Rebecca” sung in its musical (yes there’s also a musical based on it). You have no idea how bad it got stuck in my mind.

So I gave the book a try.

At first there’s nothing very impressive about it. It kinda feels like nothing is happening so you might be tempted to abandon it but I went on with it for the sake of the song (don’t ask me what’s up with that because I don’t know, it just hit me).

Daphne du Maurier is building the mystery step by step basically. She doesn’t throw you in a complicated full of suspense action but she knows how to involve you with every chapter. She sprinkles the plot with some plot twists and from a story of 2 lovers becomes a serious act of desperation and murder.

If you’ve read Jane Eyre you might find some common elements: there’s an older rich man, a manor and 2 wives but the spirit of the deceased one is lurking around. The dark and sinister tone of it can surely grab your attention.

As for the characters, I don’t like any of them but the author knew how to build the characters to be disliked but at the same time you are interested in what happens to them.

Last night I also watched the movie. It’s a classic ’40s Hitchcock, how can I not?

I’m gonna say the typical thing that any book reader is saying: the book was better. It really was better. It’s not one of my favorite Hitchcock movies but since I’ve read the book my expectations were…higher than they should’ve been probably. Even though I’m saying this I’m not discouraging anyone to watch it. Do watch it cause it’s a pretty good one. I really liked the guy that played as Mr de Winter and also the role of Ms Danvers was awesome. She nailed it!


18 years of solitude.

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon owns my heart momentarily.

Rating: 4/5.

When you start reading it be ready to drown in cuteness. I love Madeline! I love how she deals with her “sickness” and her way of being generally. I love the conversations between Olly and her and I love her courage.

All the adventures they have actually made me want to be there too and do the same things. I think they’re one of my favorite couples in the YA world. They both have to deal with stuff but their personalities make up for any trouble they have.

What do I think of what her mom did?

That was just cruel.

I’m glad they found out she needs some treatment and a psychiatrist because I just couldn’t believe that she is serious tho’ I was glad this book can give you a glimpse of what trauma can actually do to a person. Her intention was pure but it was the wrong way of protecting everything she has left which is Madeline. Yes I was angry at her when I found out what was going on and yes I came to my senses and I began to understand her.

Carla is just awesome. She’s the type of person anyone needs in their life. So trustworthy and kind and serious about everything she does, I just loved her.

The illustrations in it are so adorable sometimes I just wanted to take a picture of them and instagram it or something. They’re the cherry on the cake.

Yes, I pretty much loved every character in this book because they’re just beautifully constructed.

I totally recommend it even if you’re gonna watch the movie or not. You HAVE to read it. Did I mention the cute illustrations in it?



“How I wish you were fear”

Possibly one of the best thrillers, Stephen King’s The Shining!

Rating: 5/5 (I don’t even know if it’s necessary to mention this).

Although King hates the movie version of Kubrick, the movie is really appreciated by a lot of people but anyways, we’re not here to talk about the movie (but you should watch it if you haven’t until now).


King is funny and laid back and you can feel that through his writing. There’s a relaxed way of relating stories that immediately induces the reader in the same state. That’s pretty much how I was like when I started reading the book (too bad I read it after I’ve seen the movie a few times).

He creates suspsense without the need of some ghosts and different creepy creatures. He just has a Grudge (evil presence tied to a location) and the enemy of it is the kid that has “the shining” and apparently he is not the only one.


The thing that makes Jack such an evil man is not the hotel’s Grudge. He’s been a bad person even before that if you will pay attention to why he’s been fired from his job and the time when he wanted to hit Wendy and Danny but had to drive around so he can calm down. After the hotel experience and being controlled by that presence, nothing is the same anymore. And if you thought that it ends there at the hotel, there’s also a sequel that I’m gonna write about.


Trip to Lorien.

I’m not a huge fan of the science fiction genre but this book was pretty tempting and also it has been recommended to me by a friend…so I trusted him and started reading I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.

Rating: 5/5.

No, I haven’t seen the movie nor watched the trailer ever, I like keeping it in my mind as I imagined it and I bet the book is better than the movie…cause it has been AWESOME. I’m really curious if there is some other book that has this much action, easy to follow plot and nice relationships between characters like this one.

From the moment you start reading it you just have to continue, and thank God there are more book from the series to come because I felt like I couldn’t get enough of it.

“They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

Since today is Stephen King’s birthday I thought of reviewing one of the books I loved by him: Carrie.

tumblr_nakn5pwceq1qkjsuxo1_500I personally start to have a weakness for King’s books.

I loved it so much even tho’ I’ve been extremely terrified by her mother (but that made it better). Also, I almost shed a tear when Carrie was bullied by everyone and they were all laughing at her and I felt like I would soon explode with rage at the shower scene.


If I would’ve had Carrie’s powers I would have surely done the same. I love how at the end of the book, actually, Carrie doesn’t stop. She continues to live through others, maybe, just maybe she would have a friend. She was a human after all.

P.S. I also love Chloe Grace Moretz and seeing her playing as Carrie made my heart smile.

Me.Earl.Dying girl.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews sucks big time.

Rating: 1/5 stars.

I’ve got two questions: Why do people find this book funny? Why is there a movie coming out?
There is nothing funny about this book (or maybe my sense of humor is different) but I appreciate the honesty and that the author kept the same writing style.

The annoying thing was the self-consciousness of the main character…I literally wanted to punch him to get his shit together. It must be the reality of people that are not necessarily top-models and sublime beauties that you find in most of the books but at some points there was no need of so much whining.
I was tempted to rate it 2 stars because at the end when Rachel died it got better but I thought of an overall rating and 90% of it said “1 star”.

“You can take pretty much any sentence in this book and if you read it enough times, you will probably end up committing a homicide.“-author himself.