Rating system.

Just in case some of you don’t have a Goodreads account, I thought I might give you some information on my rating system since it’s similar to the one on Goodreads. I’ve seen many bloggers do this and I think that it’s not a bad idea. It will be easier for all of you to actually acknowledge my opinion on them.

I don’t give a rating of 5 very often but when I do, I do it cause the book totally deserves all my recognition and even though I don’t mention that I recommend it, it goes without saying that you should go read it. Those are one of the beautiful things that make me happy.

4 means yeah it was really awesome, I could recommend it but not all of them that are rated 4. I usually rate those that have a potential to be awesome but they didn’t reach that level. I liked them a lot but not enough to be the top best ones.

3 is like mediocre. Yeah it wasn’t bad but I’m not dying over it either. A casual read that didn’t suck.

I give 2 when the book is kinda bad but I still liked something about it and it won’t let me give it a 1. It’s just not that low as the ones I rate 1 but it’s not mediocre either. The writing could be awesome but the plot could be bad or the other way.

1 is just garbage that I don’t even know how I finished.

Alright this is extremely simple to get and I don’t think that I need to say a lot more about it. I just thought some of you might like to know.

Have an awesome day!

Reading hue

I just ordered 2 kindles for my 2 11 year old cousins. I couldn’t have imagined that it’s a little bit of struggle finding some books that suits that age when they’re between the children book genre and young adult genre. But should it be like that? 

I wasn’t really reading a lot at that age besides typical things that I had to read for school so I started from there in this case but further than that I had to do some research cause it’s pretty hard to find something more mature than 5 year olds books but yet cleaner and more childish than…let’s say The Mortal Instruments. 

I don’t doubt that the books that fit their age should be clean and I totally picked out some Huckleberry Finn and Tolkien and Around the World in 80 Days and also the Harry Potter series (had to) but seriously I feel like I have to introduce them to some contemporary awesomeness and I don’t even know what I could pick for them since I try to avoid the “my mom doesn’t allow me to read that” phase.

I think everyone should read anything. With some limits for the kids, of course. But I just get so annoyed when I hear parents not letting their kids read Harry Potter because of magic and witchcraft but they haven’t even read it to see that there is so much more to it. 

Parents, let your kids read. If you don’t let them read that now, someday they will do it anyways. And I’m not talking about letting a 10 year old read 50 Shades or something. I’m talking about something silly like the Harry Potter situation which is the most common one. I’m so thankful my parents let me read whatever I wanted when I was small. Let them read the back of the book, search online to see what it actually is about, don’t just disapprove of them to touch the book. They read, they put it back on the shelf and they go on with their day. 

Many kids have some reading abilities that allows them to read books for kids older than them, others for the same age, others more childish ones, to each their own. But just let the reading be like a color hue. Slowly slide from one genre to the other. Let them enjoy it, it won’t do any harm. 

Also, if anyone knows any books for 11 year olds, let me know.