A book that makes you happy.

A Clockwork Orange totally. I’m a huge fan of it and I could watch the movie 25/8. I’ve had a huge crush on Alex Delarge after watching it the first time and afterwards I found out that there’s a book so then I’ve had a crush on him again… probably one of my first literary crushes tho I still imagined it like the Alex from the movie no matter the description, he was just too perfect. It makes me happy because it’s interesting and dark but it gives you a lesson.

I know that at the end he is a villain again but that just shows you that kindness has to come from within and you can’t force anyone to be in any other way if they don’t feel it.

I get excited whenever I see it on the bookshelves or when someone is mentioning it. I get excited if I see any related merchandise, and I get excited whenever I see an orange. Okay let’s not exaggerate with that one.


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