I’m sorry for the delay but it was thanksgiving so… it’s understandable.

Favorite book from your favorite series

I didn’t see this coming but since I told you about 2 of my favorite series I’m gonna choose one for each one of them.

My favorite book from the Gone series is Plague. I don’t think it gets crazier than that. I was wondering how much more can they take after all the craziness with the Nemesis and Darkness and everything you can think of starting from hunger to lack of light…literally. They also get a sickness over them and Michael dealt with everything so well!! It was definitely my favorite part.

The best book from the Lorien Legacies series is United as One. A relief. I was glad that they can have a moment of peace because trust me, you haven’t seen action until you’ve read this series. It gives you a special energy.


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