I’m gonna write a single review for all the 4 volumes of The Wicked + The Divine series by Kieron Gillen because I have no reason to review them separately, there isn’t much to say.

Rating: 2.5/5

If you wanna read some comics with an awesome art, this is totally for you. I mean look at this:

The graphics are pretty much the best thing about them. I’m not saying they’re bad, it’s just that the whole story is confusing. From time to time I was just like “ok what are they talking about now? Did I miss some pages?”

I love mythology so I thought reading some contemporary comics that involve that would be awesome. Also, be ready for crazy cliffhangers. Those are the things that actually made me continue reading it cause I was really curious how it can surprise me.


If you want to read something unusual, some comics that don’t stick to the typical comic idea of superheroes and love and good over evil, you can try this one.






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