Since today is Stephen King’s birthday I thought of reviewing one of the books I loved by him: Carrie.

tumblr_nakn5pwceq1qkjsuxo1_500I personally start to have a weakness for King’s books.

I loved it so much even tho’ I’ve been extremely terrified by her mother (but that made it better). Also, I almost shed a tear when Carrie was bullied by everyone and they were all laughing at her and I felt like I would soon explode with rage at the shower scene.


If I would’ve had Carrie’s powers I would have surely done the same. I love how at the end of the book, actually, Carrie doesn’t stop. She continues to live through others, maybe, just maybe she would have a friend. She was a human after all.

P.S. I also love Chloe Grace Moretz and seeing her playing as Carrie made my heart smile.


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