Rating: 4/5 stars

I underestimated this book…I’m lying awake at 3am with a weird feeling…maybe similar to a “shock”. I didn’t think this book could actually trigger some feelings but I started reading it because of the high ratings it has and I thought “oh well maybe it’s not bad”…and no, it isn’t bad. It is one of the best classics out there.

tumblr_no5shv0bfr1r9nm7io1_500Maybe one of the reasons that now Im so attached to it is the fact that I’ve always been interested in asylums and mental illnesses and what happened in this book could be an eye-opener of the real deal inside those horrible places.
What makes this more intriguing tho’ is the fact that Jack Nicholson plays in the movie as the “trouble maker” and I knew I had to watch the movie too…which is a must-see, of course.

tumblr_n1h8t5w55i1rktn8lo1_500The narrator (called “The Chief”) is so good that it actually made me forget that he is the one actually telling the story and I instantly imagined McMurphy (the trouble maker) relating the events at some point.
This has been a good catchy reading from the begining to the end.



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