Nerve is INSANE. I just watched it at the cinema and I loved it.

Rating: 5/5 stars

When I read the book I stayed up until I finished it because it’s that kind of book that you can’t put down. Everything was so intense and through the end I thought my heart was going to escape my chest.

I can say I missed reading a book that makes me  feel the suspense and how intense it is…and I started reading it after I watched the movie trailer so I was like “shit, this could be a book made for me”.


The thing that keeps you going is the level of difficulty of the dares the Players get. They start with easy ones with an average payment like a few hundred dollars and they go on until they reach thousands and thousands. Now how could’ve I put it down when I was so eager to find out what could the next dare be and how extreme this whole thing could get?

And trust me, it’s getting out of control.

The movie has a great cast tho’…I mean…Dave Franco would fit any movie anyways and you can’t really go wrong with Emma Roberts so this whole thing turned out to be perfect. I wish there would be a sequel.

I started wondering how it would be like if such a thing would happen in real life…if they collect all of my data from the web and form dares for me. It’s awesome that Jeanne Ryan involved all these social networks we use daily in a fiction world. Somehow it brought out how vulnerable we all are in front of the men that make the rules in this society.

I can tell you for sure, Nerve is one crazy ride.



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