As a first review, I picked the coolest one out there: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess (the title was pretty obvious anyways).

Rating: 5/5

This is an exception to the case where the book is better than the movie. They’re both brilliant (especially Alex DeLarge yummyumm). As a Kubrick fan I watched the movie first and had to find the book, of course.

It wasn’t an easy-to-read one. I was consulting an app that was a dictionary for the book because they were speaking Nadsat (I really recommend downloading Nadsat for Gloopies tho’ I don’t know if it’s available for iphone).


I knew from the movie intro that I’m gonna fall in love with it. I knew from the first sentence in the book that I’m gonna fall in love again. Alex is that kind of villain that people love (something like the Joker or Norman Bates). It contains a lot of violence (ultra-violence) but as much beauty. As a comparison, the movie is way more explicit than the book. In the book the scenes are covered by their language and it was kind of a distraction (for me at least) from actually reacting to those scenes of rape and fighting…because those scenes in the movie made me feel pretty uncomfortable.


Instead of bringing out the violence, the book is kinda focusing on the idea of violence and how far free will can get and any lack of morality. Alex’s actions are a kind of an accessory and help for the lesson that got stuck in my mind: you can’t force someone to be kind (or anything else) if that doesn’t come from within: “When a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man”.




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